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Silver Oval Makeup Brushes - 10 Piece Set


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From highlighting to contouring, our 10 piece Silver Oval Brush Set will give you flawless coverage and application with every use. The brushes have a round shape design that's perfect for blending foundation, blush, or powder to your face or cheeks. With so many different sized brushes to choose from, you can achieve any look you want!

Brush Sizes:
1  -  handle:19.5cm x W:4.5cm x H: 2cm / brush diameter: 4.5x5.5cm
2  -  handle: 19cm x W:3.5cm x H:1.8cm / brush diameter:3.5x4.5cm
3  -  handle:18.2cm x W:2.5cm x H:1.5cm / brush diameter:2.5x3.5cm
4  -  handle:18cm x W:2cm x H:1.5cm / brush diameter:2x3cm
5  -  handle:16.8cm x W:1.2cm x H:1cm / brush diameter:1.2x2cm
6  -  handle:17.5cm x W:0.5cm x H:1cm / brush diameter:0.5x2.6cm
7  -  handle:16.5cm x W:0.5cm x H:1cm / brush diameter: 0.5x2cm
8  -  handle:16cm x W:0.3cm x H:1cm / brush diameter:0.3x1.2cm
9  -  handle:15.3cm x W:0.7cm x H:1cm / brush diameter:0.7x0.8cm
10 - handle:15.3cm x W:0.5cm x H:0.8cm / brush diameter: 0.5x0.7cm


Package content:

1 x 10pcs makeup brushes




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